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Antelope Canyon • Page, AZ

All Images Copyrighted  •  Hugh Hargrave Photographer  •  ©

These photos are from Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon on the Navajo Indian Reservation, one of the

most amazing place I’ve ever been to. All photos are long time exposures on a tripod.

Thanks, Hugh


Maroon Bells Aspen, CO

All Images Copyrighted  •  Hugh Hargrave Photographer  •  ©

The Maroon Bells are located just outside Aspen Colorado and are on the list of “fourteeners”, (14,000ft)

Photo tip of the day, use a tripod. It give you a constant frame for composition, stability for longer exposures, feels your hands and slows you down where you can use your most important photography skill your BRAIN!



Sunset Beach Cliffs • San Diego, CA

All Images Copyrighted  •  Hugh Hargrave Photographer  •  ©

When I knew I would be going to San Diego for a commercial assignment, I was hoping I would get the time to go to the beach at sunset, since the west is where the sun sets over the water. My plan was to find some cliffs and the park was even named “Sunset Cliffs Beach”

I have had a very hard time trying to pick my favorite photos because the sunset was spectacular and the light changed from blue to gold to red and each photo was unique and stood on it’s own.

I ran all the photos through “Topaz Adjust”. If anyone wants the technical data, just reply.

Thanks, Hugh